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SharpNav (2014): Navigation mesh and pathfinding library in C#. It's starting off as a port of Recast and Detour, but will diverge to include newer and faster pathfinding algorithms in the near future.

SharpFont (2011-2014): FreeType2 bindings for all CLI-based languages. Based on Tao.FreeType, but with an object-oriented API following C# naming/style guidelines.

VideoGameFormats (2012): A collection of Python modules used to read and write proprietary video game formats. This project will probably be ported to/continued in C.

Yet Another Minesweeper (2011): A Minesweeper clone I made in 5 hours as a personal challenege and also to work on something small as a change of pace from large-scoped projects.

Circuit Crawler (2010-2011): A small 2d puzzle game for Android. Made as a Service Learning project during my junior year of high school with a few friends.

FC2Tools (2010): Library that converts proprietary Far Cry 2 file formats into standard formats. Only got as far as the texture format and a bit of documentation on the model format.


WorkIt (Y-Hack 2013): A project to track a user's physical activity via two motion sensing wristbands on an Android device.

ArtPress (hackTECH Winter 2014): A project that visualizes music wirelessly on a wristband and draws voxels in 3d space based on the position of the user's hand while wearing a glove.


MineEscape (2012): My entry for the RPI Game Dev Club's 24-hour gamejam on Oct 27-28, 2012. The theme was "Surprise and Suspense". [Postmortem]

60 Sekonds to Save Boxopolis (2012): My entry for the RPI Game Dev Club's 24-hour gamejam on Sept 9-10, 2012. The theme was "60 Seconds to Save The World". This game was my first experience with pygame. [Postmortem]

Rover's Spirit (2011): My entry for Ludum Dare 22. The theme was "Alone". The full submission can be viewed here.