I am a software engineer first and foremost, with experience in a range of programming languages and technologies. In terms of languages, I primarily work in C/C++ and C#, but have some experience with Node.js, Java, SQL, PHP, and Python. I have extensive knowledge of OpenGL and Unity, as well as a working knowledge of Unreal Engine 4, Xamarin, Android SDK/NDK, Arduino, and interfacing with operating systems via WinAPI and POSIX APIs.

This site itself was built on a relatively slim base as a way to learn about and experiment with frontend web development.

A lot of my work experience has included picking up technologies and languages that I am not familiar with. In most cases with the availability of source code or documentation, I can quickly start making meaningful contributions.

Below is a selection of the work I have permission to share information about.

If you would like to hire me on a contract basis, please contact me via email (listed in my resume), or via Facebook Messenger with details.

  • Ilium VR
  • Freelance
  • TopHat
  • Open Source