Android programming with OpenGL ES 1.0

December 19, 2010 0 Comments Software

Android Emulator So I’ve dived right into OpenGL on the Android platform with a few of my friends. Currently we’ve got the following working:

  • fullscreen
  • almost completely OO (not encapsulated yet, for testing purposes and some of our code is temporarily placed where it shouldn’t be)
  • using OpenGL ES 1.0
  • proper cartesian plane, with -y at the bottom
  • collision detection by Separating Axis Theorem(working on having them bounce back now)
  • movement/rotation/scaling with inerpolation
  • textures (currently 1, and planning on splitting into tileset)
  • touch-based camera motion (it’s clamped right now, as in touching the very center of the screen returns camera to (0,0))
  • programmer art tileset, complete with shitty, hand-drawn numbers
  • a hot pink background color. I entered random values for the RGB values, ended up being pink. We looked up what hot pink was, adjusted the values. I don’t know why we haven’t changed it yet.

Expect to see more soon!


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