Source Engine

These screenshots are all what I’m able to find online currently. A lot of my screenshots posted online have “expired” by the host, expect fresh screenshots at some point in the future.



This was a level based on JP’s Diner from the TV show Kyle XY. Orginally made to look exactly like the reference images for Half-Life 2. Later ported to the Left 4 Dead 2 engine with plans to become a full campaign. This was one of the earliest maps I worked on and I learned a lot in the process. This map includes a number of custom props and textures (made in Maya and Photoshop) and taught me plenty about visleaf optimization.

  • diner_port
  • diner_env
  • diner_night
  • diner
  • diner
  • diner
  • diner

Single Player Map Challenge


This was started as an entry for a single player map contest on the Facepunch mapping forum around 2012. The entry was never completed, but the first section of it plays well and includes a lot of details (overlays, small props, etc) as well as scripted sequences.

  • pipes
  • puzzle
  • hallway
  • maintenance

Temple of Horus


Made as part of a project for a high school history class and later expanded to be a more functional map. Never settled on a game to develop it for.

  • temple
  • temple

Hallway of Architecture submission

Thread seems to have disappeared from the internet. The idea was to have a map of connected hallways each displaying a unique and interesting form of architecture. This was my submission for one segment of the hallway. My section includes several custom props and textures, and some very intricate (but still valid and on the grid) brushwork.

  • hallway-main
  • hallway-second
  • hallway


Made as a request from a user on the Facepunch mapping forum.


  • building-detail
  • bump-detail


  • brick-structure
  • nature